The review will handle the leading editing tools which you can download for free, getting a deep feature set and bringing the best benefits.

How to create exploding content

With so many social channels and overwhelming videos, you will want to create something different and unique. It’s not a big deal to make interesting content with exciting videos that you can share on Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks. You have to choose the appropriate editing tool to create videos in the format that is relevant to main requirements. Managing which one perfectly fits your workflow is of utmost importance, therefore.

How to choose the exclusive editing software

Sometimes, it is challenging to select exactly what you need if you haven’t been working with this kind of software before or you have changed the device. New editor could be complicated and require special teaching skills to come up with the perfect result. You will obviously have to opt for straightforward features. It is a good idea to try out free variants for getting needed experience before diving into professional editing. There’s plenty of options below that you can choose regardless of your financial balance and personal needs. Get closer to its basic features and take advantage of the free package.

Top picks for editing

  1. What will you get with Lightworks? Tremendous effects and powerful features are in front of you, just get them for free. Easy-to-navigate interface is what you need for fast editing. The app supports multi-track videos with the opportunity for previewing real-time content.
  2. The professional grade app is affordable for users with a standalone solution. It is all about HitFilm Express. If you find this tool complicated, exclusive online tutorials will help you to cope with the tasks. Exporting content in different formats is important when you have to share it on many platforms.
  3. The biggest selection of effects and filters are accessible on Shotcut. Achieving the precise effect is easy with a simple and intuitive panel. However some of the features are considered to be a little bit complicated.
  4. If you’re traveling a lot and want to edit on the go, Movie Maker Online is the option you can easily use anywhere. The tool perfectly works on any computer. The only drawback is the intrusive advertising.
  5. Multi monitor support capabilities are available with VSDC Video Editor. The program is perfect for editing with more than one monitor. Free animations, watermarking, blending, and masking are excellent for shaking clips on your smartphone.

Final ideas

If you’re a freshman in creating content, free editing tools are excellent to start. You will get pretty good experience and needed skills. If you are a pro, you obviously want to get a standalone solution with a premium package. It’s up to you to choose what is beneficial for you.

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