World of Warcraft has thousands of quests. Many of them are of the same kind: kill 10 birds, fetch a barrel of gunpowder, deliver a package and so on. But Blizzard developers also know how to have fun, and sometimes they add really exciting and unusual tasks.

Quests are exactly what differentiates World of Warcraft from any other MMORPG game, and Blizzard Entertainment developers follow their rules and listen to beta tester’s feedback, actively redesigning those quests that appear to be extremely difficult for gamers.

The entire game’s mechanics is based on different assignments. Following the quests you will never miss the most peculiar characters, objects or secrets of the game.

Being an interesting and thrilling way to learn more about Azeroth and move forward, quests are the basis of gaming experience in World of Warcraft. Starting with the simplest tasks like delivering goods to the local blacksmith and ending with the most complicated tasks, for instance, dealing with the members of the Cult of the Dark Strand or finding UBRS key, quests will be the constant source of danger as well as reward. Besides it is a great way to help gamers spread all over the world instead of huddling together in a single cave.

Types of quests

Gamers will play different types of quests in World of Warcraft:

  • Destruction: Gamers’ aim is to kill monsters or their boss. Such quests are quite simple to complete, because all you have to do is to find and destroy a monster. Depending on your level, however, these quests will become more complicated.
  • Hunt: One of the most popular types of quest. Usually gamer is supposed to kill monster and then collect some items, for instance their skin.
  • Delivery: Popular quest in every RPG. Gamer is asked to deliver an item from point A to point B. Yet, in World of Warcraft you won’t find simple delivery quests. Every delivery ends with another interested task. This is a trick game uses to spread gamers over the world of World of Warcraft. If player’s level is very high for some zone quest will send them to where they need to be.
  • Search: Gamers are given vague directions and are supposed to read the task thoroughly to complete it.
  • Other quests: Gamers may be given an assignment by class coaches since these quests require class skills to be completed.

How to find a quest?

Usually all you need to do is talk to Non-Player Character (NPC) when you see exclamation mark above their head. Exclamation mark means that a character has an assignment for you. Question mark will help you find the same NPC who has given you a task to get a reward. World of Warcraft offers many other ways for gamers to get assignments, yet gamers have to find quests themselves.

Quest log

Since there are countless quests in the game, it is highly recommended to consult with your quest log. The details of every quest will include the most important information: quest requirements, the NPC, who gave you an assignment, and, finally, promised reward. Moreover, quests in your quest log are classified according to zones, so that gamers could see what quest to complete at the moment.

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