People are taught a lot of things. We learn different subjects, get skills in cooking, hygiene, etc. However, we’re seldom taught how to write a good resume. That’s why we end up cramping all things together hoping that it’ll do. Yet, there are several effective ways to make a resume more appealing to your potential boss. Let’s learn everything about the successful resume.

The general tips your resume will benefit from

First of all, you should be authentic. While it sounds a bit cliché, you need to study which company you apply to and who you deal with. This knowledge will help you express your right sides and skills. It’s also better to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Read what you have as if you are looking to hire someone. Would you hire yourself based on this resume?

Secondly, you should add value. It includes listing the skills and qualities you possess that might be beneficial for the company. While general phrases like strong communication skills sound nice, it’s better to offer a compelling example to prove that.

The biggest part of the resume is where you tell your story. Remember that it’s not poetry or novel. Gather facts that are relevant to the company. You may also mention some challenges you had and the way you solved them. Some specific examples of your experience are in order. However, don’t make them too long and boring.

4 elements of a successful resume

  • First and foremost, focus. On average, a recruiter looks at a resume for 10 seconds. It’s enough to define whether he is interested in you or not. That’s why you have only 10 seconds to catch his attention. Make your point quickly and clearly. It’ll also show how qualified you are to fit the job description.
  • Use keywords. If you apply to a relatively big company, your resume will be processed by a system. For instance, the Applicant Tracking System. It sorts the potential candidates using contextual analysis. So, use the keywords that are related to the position you want. If you apply to join a small company, you should also use some keywords. When the recruiter scans your resume, he usually looks for certain words (on purpose or subconsciously).
  • Write clearly. Your language must be suitable and express a direct and active voice. Demonstrate you’re the best candidate from the very beginning in the headings. Yet, don’t make it too long. And don’t forget your contact information.
  • Add your accomplishments and don’t confuse them with your duties. Emphasize the positive things and share your achievements. It’s also better to be laconic and write things that matter.


Writing a good resume turns out to be more complicated and time-consuming than most people think. There are lots of details to account for. Using our tips, you are sure to make a better version and improve your chances of getting the job. However, there is much more to learn. Don’t forget to update your resume.

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