If you are tired of the noise and splendor of megalopolises, of their glamor and artificiality, then you probably prefer to travel, visit national parks, reserves and simply paradise corners of nature. There you can totally relax and fill yourself with new energy. In this article, we will discuss VRBO Siesta Key and other Florida islands.

Siesta Key Description

Just 25 kilometers from one of the most fashionable megacities in the world, Miami, begins the unique Siesta Key. This a chain of coral islands and reefs that stretches south for 200 km. There are about 1,700 islets and reefs here. Most of them are connected by 43 bridges with a total length of more than 170 kilometers. But some of them need to be reached by boat. The main highway allows a 2.5-hour drive from the first in this chain of Key Largo Island to the extreme point of Key West Island, which closes it.

Other Places to Visit

This trip is already worth visiting the archipelago. In many places, the path literally runs between the sky and the ocean. The water surrounds on all sides, and only the lane of the highway in front reminds that you are in the car.

This is especially felt on the Seven-Mile Bridge, which is almost 11 kilometers long. But we’re not here for a unique highway, or even for Key West. Although this last island of the Florida Keys is a very interesting object to visit. Key West it the southernmost point of the continental states of America, only 150 km from Havana.

It’s no surprise that Key West has long been a haven for smugglers. And today this place attracts tourists from all social strata. Some arrive here on cruise ships, others hitchhike, but the Gulf Stream provides a warm mild climate all year round for everyone. Someone comes to feel the spirit of Ernest Hemingway’s Islands in the Ocean. It was here that he lived for about thirty years and wrote several novels, including For Whom the Bell Tolls.

But most are here to see the legendary sunset, the Florida Keys’ most beautiful evening show. And the port city itself deserves the attention of those seeking relaxation after the hustle and bustle of megacities. There are narrow green streets with houses from the mid-19th century that stay close to the ocean itself. And there is a group of numerous cafes located on the waterfront. It’s hard to believe that this resort was once sold by Spain for only $ 2,000.


These islands are a unique place where you can watch manatees, swim with dolphins, feed pelicans and herons from your hand, and then go to the beach and enjoy the brightest subtropical sunset in all of its paints.

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